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The latest edition of The Old Athlone Society Journal
– edited by Dr Patrick Murray

2015, Journal No. 10 (Price: €15 if purchased at society events; €22, including postage. To arrange postage, please contact us via our email address –

The Irish Civil War

In November 2013, Custume Barracks hosted the Society’s conference on the Civil War, which included speakers from Ireland, the UK, and Canada.

Introduction – Dr John Keane
Foreword – Barbara Nolan
Foreword – Michael McDowell SC
Kindling the Singing Flame – John Regan
Remembering and Forgetting – Gavin Foster
The Roman Catholic Church and the Irish Civil War
– Patrick Murray
A Medium for Enemy Propaganda – Ian Kenneally
Electoral Politics after the Revolution – John Burke
Internment and Women during the Civil War
– Ann Matthews
Conversations with Teresa O’Connell
– Seosaimhi Ni Mhuiri
The Irish Civil War: Some Reflections and Questions
– Patrick McCarthy

Previous Publications


2013, Journal No. 9

The Irish War of Independence

In 2013, the society produced a special edition on the War of Independence in the Midlands.

Introduction – Dr John Keane
Foreword – Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman
Propaganda Wars – Margaret O’Callaghan
Forsaking Nationalists for Republicans
– John Burke
The Case of County Longford, 1917 to 1921
– Marie Coleman
The War of Independence in Westmeath
– Ian Kenneally
The War of Independence in Offaly
– Tom Nolan
Conclusion – Harman Murtagh

Copies of the journal are available from the society, although supplies of this very popular edition are limited (Price – €15 or €22, including postage).

Athlone in the Victorian Era, by John Burke.
Illustrated Hardback, 298 pps plus index.
Price – €35

Goldsmith, 1770

Oliver Goldsmith, circa 1770

Journal No. 8, edited by Fin Corley, George Eaton and Gearoid O’Brien.
-Country houses near Athlone
-Lost country houses near Athlone
-Athlone Woollen Mills
-Life in the Ranelagh School, Athlone
-Some early maps
-Thomastown and Garrycastle Races
-Colonel Richard Grace (c1616-1691)
-Records of Athlone interest
-The Old Athlone Society, first 25 years
Price – €15

Journal No. 7, edited by George Eaton and Gearoid O’Brien.
-Cotton in Athlone (General Textiles Ltd)
-Athlone in the 1880s
-A note on Rosie Langrishe
-Ambush at Auburn, 1920
-Bethlehem of Westmeath
-Seán O Neachtain & Brian O Fearghail
-Augustinian priory in Athlone; John Broderick Revisited
-The Irish Constabulary, Moate District
-Crossing the Shannon
-Athlone: international use of the name
Price – €10

Athlone History and Settlement to 1800, by Harman Murtagh.
Illustrated Hardback, 236 pps plus index.
978-0-9503428-5-6 – €35


Athlone Town

A view of the town across the Shannon

Athlone Workhouse and the Famine, by Brendan O’Brien
edited by Gearoid O’Brien

John McCormack and Athlone: A biographical sketch of the great Irish tenor
by Gearoid O’Brien

Athlone Besieged: Eyewitness and other contemporary Accounts of the Sieges of Athlone 1690 and 1691, by Harman Murtagh and Michael O’Dwyer

John McCormack, circa 1919

John McCormack, circa 1919 (US Library of Congress)

Journal No. 6, edited by Gearoid O’Brien.
-Horse-racing in Georgian Athlone
-Cist grave near Uisneach
-Fr. John Conmee: a portrait of the rector
-Garrisons and barracks 1704-1828
-When the circus came to Athlone
-Evangelist Slab at Athlone
-Wattle ceiling from houses in Co. Roscommon
-Phillips’s plan of Athlone
-Tobarainmneacha i gContae Ros Comáin
-Franciscan authors of Westmeath
-Athlone Newspapers
-Seventh century sword from Co. Roscommon
-Athlone Vicerage c 1733
-Cromwellian shillings from South Roscommon
-St. Bonaventure’s Academy, Athlone

Irish Midland Studies: Essays in Commemoration of N.W. English
edited by Harman Murtagh

Quaker Island

Inchcleraun or Quaker Island on Lough Ree (from lecture by Eamonn O ’Donoghue who addressed the society on local aerial archaeology)

Journal No. 5
-De Renzi Memorial
-They Once Throd the Boards
-Medieval Rindoon
-Journey from Mullingar to Loughrea
the Batteries: additional notes
-George Joseph Plunkett Browne
-Co-operative Community in South Roscommon
-Outlaw Friars
-Irish Antiquities in Ulster Museum
-Water Baliffs on the Shannon
-MacKeoghs of Moyfin
-The Burgess Papers of Athlone

Journal No. 4
-Bronze Ringed Pins
-Ballintubber Castle (Part 2)
-Leper Hospitals of the Upper Shannon
-Two Raths in Coyne
-Wickerwork Partition
-Mac Keoghs of Moyfin
-Moyelly – Home of Colonel Richard Grace
-Ballymore and Jacobite War
-Five Eel Spears from Shannon
-Report of Athlone Castle 1793
-Burgess Papers of Athlone
-Description of Athlone 1818
-The Batteries, Athlone
-A Forgers Run from Co. Offaly
-Deserted Village of Ballagh
-Garrison Theatre in Athlone
-Bishop Reeves visit to Athlone
-The Shadow on the Lake
-Macgawlys of Calry
-A Charter of Athlone 1559

The Sieges of Athlone 1690-1691, by Harman Murtagh


An aerial view of Clonmacnoise

Journal No. 3
-The Central Lowlands of Ireland
-Some Prehistoric Weapons and Implements
-Tenth Century English Coins from Durrow
-Ballintubber Castle, Co. Roscommon
-The Magawlys of Calry (concluded)
-Superiors of Franciscan Friary Athlone
-Woodlands of Central Shannon Basin
-Earl of Athlone 1644 to 1703
-Siege of Athlone 1691
-Ancient Burials near Coolatore
-Ginkels and Wellingtons House
-Tholsel of Athlone
-Clonmacnois by Beranger 1779
-Enclosures and Fencing
-Strange Bird and Feather
-The Cake Dance
-1916 Government Propaganda
-The Legend of the Shannon

Journal No. 2
-The Medieval Castle of Athlone
-The Magawlys of Calry
-A Medieval Charter relating to Cam
-The Jesuits and Athlone
-The Siege of Athlone 1690
-The Dismal Ruine of Athlone
-Athlone Classical and English Schools
-Kilkenny West Pinnacle
-Bank of Athlone Notes
-Ballynabarna Fair
-Athlone’s Repeal Demonstration
-Epidimic of Ophthalmia 1850
-Decline of the Redmondite Volunteers

Journal No. 1
-Megalithic Tombs near Athlone
-Iseal Chiarian the Low Place of St. Ciaran
-The Canonesses Cell at Clonoghill
-Vicissitudes of a Garrison Town
-The Ranelagh Endowed School
-Earliest Memories of the Theatre in Athlone
-Midland Volunteer Force 1913
-A Walk around Athlone