An Easter Dawn – The Cast of the Rising

Tuesday, 13 October 2015, at 8.00 pm in the Officer’s Mess, Custume Barracks

– Talk by Turtle Bunbury

Easter Rising

The cover of Turtle Bunbury’s new book. It will be launched in Glasnevin Museum on 15 October and is published by Mercier Press (click on the cover for more details).

Summary – In the long and epic fight for Irish independence, few events match the drama and tragedy of the Easter Rising of 1916. Inspired by the legends of old and bonded by a mutual dream of an independent Ireland, an extraordinary alliance of men and women sought to overthrow the British authorities who had ruled the island for centuries past.

Turtle will chart the story the personalities of the 1916 Rising, from the landing of the guns at Howth for the Irish Volunteers in 1914 to the arrests and execution that followed it. The battlegrounds that erupted across Dublin city and elsewhere in Ireland formed the stage upon which a remarkable cast assembled.

Speaker – Turtle Bunbury is a best-selling author, historian and TV presenter based in Ireland.  His books include Easter Dawn the 1916 Rising, the award-winning Vanishing Ireland series, The Glorious MadnessTales of the Irish & the Great War (shortlisted for best Irish published book of the year 2014), The Irish Pub and Living in Sri Lanka.  Turtle’s work features in National Geographic Traveller, Vogue Living, The World of Interiors, Playboy, The Guardian, The Australian, The Irish Times and The Irish Daily Mail.

He is a co-presenter of RTE’s Genealogy Roadshow and a frequent contributor to Irish radio. Turtle is the co-founder of the History Festival of Ireland and the founder of Wistorical, an innovative concept for promoting history through social media.  A past winner of Ireland’s Long Haul Travel Journalist, he was shortlisted again at the 2015 Travel Writer of the Year Awards.

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