Queen Victoria’s visits to Irish Country Houses 1849-61

Tuesday, 8 December, at 8.00 pm in Prince of Wales Hotel (with special dinner in honour of Dr Patrick Murray, at 6pm – see below)

– Talk by Paula Lalor

British monarch, Queen Victoria (US Library of Congress)

Summary – Queen Victoria visited Ireland three times in the early part of her reign: firstly in 1849 during the Great Famine; again in 1853 when she attended the Exhibition of Art and Art Industry at Leinster Lawn, Dublin, and the third time in 1861 when the royal family stayed at Killarney. Carton House, the home of the FitzGeralds, premier Dukes of Ireland, was among the select few Irish Country Houses visited by Victoria on her first three visits to these shores. The extravagant preparations and renovations, the lavish spending and frenzied excitement surrounding these visits was unlike anything ever seen in Ireland before and would never again be repeated.

Speaker – The speaker, Paula Lalor, recently conferred with an MA (Hons) in Historic House Studies from the History Department at NUI Maynooth. Paula is now indulging her life-long interest in history, with particular emphasis on Ireland’s built heritage.

Dinner – Before Paula Lalor’s lecture, Dr Patrick Murray the distinguished historian, editor, and author of numerous highly regarded works, such as Oracles of God, has been elected an honorary member of the society. Prior to the talk he will be presented with his scroll of election. All members are invited to dinner in his honour at 6.00pm in the Left Bank Bistro: price €20 for two & €25 for three courses. Bookings: 090 649 4446.

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