Colony to March: the borderlands of the lordship of Meath in medieval Ireland

Wednesday 2 November at 8.15pm in the Sheraton Hotel

Talk by Rory Masterson

Summary – The talk will focus on the political and religious settlement of the western edges of the Anglo-Norman lordship of Meath. The talk examines the nature and extent of Anglo-Norman colonisation of the baronies of Moycashel, Clonlonan, Brawny, Kilkenny West and Rathconrath, examining to whom these lands were granted and the extent of Anglo-Norman settlement that took place. The nature and purpose of the new religious organisational structures set up by the new colonists is also examined, forming as it did an integral part of the colonial process. The second part of the talk shall focus on the subsequent fortunes of the Anglo-Norman settlement, which by the early fifteenth century was either destroyed or where it survived, did so by adaptation to the conditions of life in a frontier zone. Finally the changes brought about in the Anglo-Norman religious settlement are examined as the new Gaelic lords modified the original religious organisation to fit the changed political realities of the Gaelic revival.

Two photos: the old church and Motte and bailey at Ballyloughloe-Mount Temple (Rory Masterson)

Speaker – A native of Castletown-Finnea, Co. Westmeath, Rory Masterson received a degree in History and Geography from Maynooth University and in 1998 he was awarded a Ph.D. for his study of the barony of Fore in late medieval times. He has recently retired after over forty years teaching at Colaiste Choilm, Tullamore.

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