‘Reflections on the Centenaries’

Sheraton Hotel, Athlone – 8pm, Wednesday, 25 January, 2017

Talk by Dr Brian Hanley


Summary  There is a sense of almost universal relief that the 2016 Centenary was an outstanding success. But what politics underpinned the commemorations and will we see more dissension when we reach 2019 or 2022? This talk will look at the politics and controversies of the current decade of centenaries, from the First World War to the Easter Rising and will look forward to War of Independence and the Civil War. How will the Irish state and the Irish public react to those centenaries and what can the commemorations tell us about modern Irish life and politics?

Speaker – Dr Brian Hanley is a historian who has written extensively on Irish republicanism and radicalism. He is the author of the ‘IRA, 1926-36’ and co-author of ‘The Lost Revolution: the story of the Official IRA and the Workers Party’ (Penguin, 2009), which was awarded the Political Studies Association of Ireland Brian Farrell award in 2010. He is a regular contributor on TV and radio and, during the the course of 2016, has spoken on various aspects of the Irish revolution to audiences across Ireland, in Bradford and Edinburgh, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Montreal.
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